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Who is Wesley Verhoeve and what does he do?

Wesley Verhoeve founded Family Records, GNTLMN, One + Many, and collaborates with a great variety of creatives to make beautiful things that move people.

That's totally me, in Ditmas Park. (Photo by Helena Price)

That's totally me, in Ditmas Park. (Photo by Helena Price)

A bit about myself.

I'm a Brooklyn-based photographer and multi-disciplinary creative, often found exploring creative communities across the United States, camera in hand. 

I am passionate about finding, creating, enhancing and sharing beautiful things. In this context, I work on the following: 

  • One of Many - My photography project, exploring the creative communities of twelve American cities.
  • GNTLMN - A handmade men's accessories and home goods company, which I co-founded.
  • WeTransfer - An amazing file-transfer startup, for whom I curate art and establish creative partnerships.

I'm also involved in the following, albeit in a smaller capacity:

  • Creative Mornings - A global breakfast lecture series for the creative community, for whom I volunteer.
  • Family Records - A music company I founded, which has released 83 records and placed songs in countless commercials, films and TV shows.

I work from Friends Work Here and prefer walking meetings, beverage in hand.

In my personal life, I am passionate about porches, dogs, magazines, LL Bean, Hip Hop, and hosting big dinner parties full of stories, wine and kindness. Want to know even more things? Here's is an F.A.Q.!

Read more about past and current projects here, and for bite-sized thoughts and updates find your way over to my twitter.  If you'd like to talk about ways we can work together on something meaningful, do drop me a line

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